Mammoths will come to life
Mammoths will come to life
Japanese scientists will try cloning procedure of tissue of the frozen mammoth carcasses to revive the long-extinct species, according to Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun. Scientists from the University of Kyoto, led by Akira Iritani, intend to work with the mammoth tissue that is kept in the Russian laboratory. From mammoth tissues cells they will try to isolate the core and insert them into cells taken from the living elephants which original core have been removed.

Thus created an embryo carrying the mammoth DNA and then implanted into the womb of elephant in the hope to bring in the world a mammoth calf, according to Yomiuri.

They rely on the successful clones of frozen mice. The team is in its planning relies on the work of another Japanese Riken scientists from the Centre for Biology and Development in Yokohama. Teruhiko Wakayama scientist has managed to create clones of mice that were dead and frozen for the 16 years were. If he successfully create embryo clones, the team will have to develop the strategy for feeding the mammoth, said Iritani.

If the whole project is successful, the study could find out more about the large herbivores that have disappeared from the earth for thousands of years ago for reasons not entirely clear. Iritani's team cooperates with the Russian expert on mammoths and with two American experts on elephants and they hope that the project will be completed in five to six years.
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