The lowest man in the world
The lowest man in the world
One teenager from the Philippines who is only 22 inches tall, will become the lowest man in the world.

17-year old Junrey Balawing need to wait for his 18th birthday for the Guinness World Record, when he will inherit the previous record holder Kagendre Tape Donkey from Nepal of which he is lower by 12.7 cm. A teenager who has a height of an one year child, says he looks forward to a world record.

"It would be really cool if I was the smallest man in the world," says Junrey who lives in province of Zamboanga del Norte with his parents, two sisters and brother who were a normal height. The most caring is his mother Concepcion (35), as for tiny boy's difficult to walk and can not stand for a long time.

"He needs care every minute of every day. Junrey can walk only with assistance and he can not stand for a long time because it is painful for him, "says the mother, adding that Junrey likes when his father put him on his shoulders and carries him through the village.
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