The lost text of the Jesus Christ's life
The lost text of the Jesus Christ's life
Since the codes were found sealed, many assume that it might be the Book of Ezra, or addition to some versions of the Bible. However, experts warn that during the years there were found many similar false texts and sophisticated forgeries.

The discovery in a cave in Jordan could shed a new light on the last years of Jesus Christ, or at least a little more realistic picture of what appeared in the Bible. It is about 70 so-called codes, small-sized credit card bills which mention the Messiah and the resurrection.

Most of it is written cryptically, but the first study of images and recognition of certain words give indications that the codes could be about 2000 years old. However, everything should be approached with skepticism, given that during the years there were found many such false texts and sophisticated forgeries that describe some of the parts of Jesus' life.

If the codes were authentic, the records could prove vital evidence about the life of early Christians. Margaret Barker, president of the Society for the Study of the Old Testament doubt that this is a false text. After he examined the findings Barker said for the Daily Mail that if those texts are forgeries, what is counterfeit? Most of the counterfeit origins of pulling out of the existing material, but he did not see that there's anything like this.

Two of the 70 results of lead tiles are connected by wire to which the records, they were sent to laboratories in the UK, where they will study the materials on the clothes of Archaeology. After the analysis, they will know much more about these codes.
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