Lose weight fast using hypnosis
Lose weight fast using hypnosis
Sam Alderwish live in Britain and with the help of hypnosis she was able to lose a lot of weight, 35 kilograms to be exact.

Mother of two children was hypnotize by doctors to believe that she underwent gastric bypass surgery. Thanks to this unusual treatment she is now halved her weight.

How she got weight after giving birth she realized when she was buying clothes for a wedding at which she was a guest. In fact, she got stuck in a dress so the saleswoman had to cut it.

She was humiliated, then decided that she would do everything to lost weight. She intended to do a gastric bypass operation, but the price was too high so she tried virtual gastric bypass through hypnotherapy. Her subconscious is so deceived to believe that she underwent that surgery.

The results were amazing, and even her therapist Russell Hemmings was surprised.

Alderwish says that only a few hours after treatment, she felt that her stomach is full even though she ate three times less then before.

With this procedure she lost a 35 kilograms in weight.
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