The largest pearl in the world
The largest pearl in the world
One of the largest pearl in the world of nearly 60 carat will be a part of the spring auctions in Dubai, where they will find a wealth of rare gems, with an estimated value of a 6 and a half million dollars.

Although it looks like a pendant, it's actually one of the largest pearl in the world. It shimmers in shades of silver gray, and it weighs approximately 60 carat. The opportunity to buy it is someone who will be able to set aside for her at least a quarter million dollars, at the spring gems auction in Dubai. Beads have a special meaning to Dubai because of the last century hunt for them was a major source of income. Today, in this affluent city of great interest is to buy the jewelry. Pearl is located on a thin necklace with diamonds.

Director of Christie's jewelry Middle East, David Warren, says that you need to have a great piece of jewelry and it must be in good condition, it must have a beautiful sheen, and a good color. In this case this pearl has all these qualities - a great, not perfect shape, but it is good that its so unusual size.

Besides the pearl there will be sold gems worth more than $ 6 million. Ring with a gem in the shape of an elephant, diamond necklace, with flowers that can be transformed into a tiara with the accompanying earrings, starting price of half a million dollars. Last year, Christie's has earned a record $ 5 billion by selling art and jewelry.
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