Lady Gaga covers Rolling Stone
Lady Gaga covers Rolling Stone
Last year, Lady Gaga was the most popular face on the magazine cover in America. The July number of Rolling Stone with the cover Lady Gaga appeared in a bikini surrounded by machine guns, became a best-selling one, and this month is sold 250,000 copies, three times more than average, according to Mail Online. Cover Cosmopolitan in April, where the pop star has a little more clothing has become the biggest selling number in 2010

Last September, photo of Lady Gaga on the front of Vanity Fair magazine made to become the second biggest selling of the year, and its occurrence in the January issue of Elle is ranked in the top three best-selling issues.

Popularity of Lady Gaga will not surprise anyone. However, the names of those who sell at least could surprise. Beauty of the 'Gossip Girl' Blake Lively appeared on the second worst-selling issue of U.S. Vogue in June. Her appearance on the cover of Esquire has resulted in the lowest-selling number of the year.

Other stars with a poor selling include even Anne Hathaway, whose appearance in December on the cover of Vogue, resulted in the worst-selling number, while the cover of In Style in March resulted in another the most unpopular position.

Of course that the sales of magazine is influenced by other factors, such as the popularity of the stars among the audience of each magazine or as an example of how stars maintain privacy, if she had any scandal, and other stories of issue, and things like that. But the mega popularity is the key to good circulation, and it was already known that the eccentric singer Lady Gaga appears on the cover of American Vogue in March.
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