Kids photographed UFO
Kids photographed UFO
Some strange UFO stories immediately come to the surface. Many of them are of questionable character, but some people just hide them until by a chance they end up on the Internet. Such is the story of the Ajax place in the Canadian Ontario. Back in August 2008. year, moving up the highway 45 in the area of the Rice lake, the children take few amazing pictures from the car.

Author of the text on this photo portal writes that his friend from the mentioned place, which was only introduced under the name Jack, have sent a photo showing an unidentified flying object. Jack told him that he has got a picture of the workers from the company, which he owns. By his telling, the photography was made by the children of one of the workers, in the middle of driving.

Apparently there are many stories associated with UFO sightings over Ontario, and this photo may give the true dimension of the stories. It can be seen in the picture is angled (at least so it seems) facility, which leaves a trace in the sky. How the family of workers held those pictures a very long time for themselves, independent experts had no chance to say what they think, but soon they could say an occasional word about this photo. Is it fake or not, we are giving the check to you and them.
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