The kidnapping crisis
The kidnapping crisis
Many people would be surprised to learn how often executive kidnappings occur in the United States. Bank branch managers and their families are at particular risk. Each year, the FBI investigates 350 to 400 domestic kidnappings, with ransom involved in one- third of the cases. Fortunately, executives kidnapped in the United States can count on the FBI and local police working on their behalf. This is not so if you are kidnapped abroad. In some foreign countries, the local and state police may be your kidnappers. To keep the dream of foreign travel from becoming a nightmare, Assurex recommends employers put expatriate employees through a rigorous training program designed to help them assess the local cultural and political situation. In addition, employees should be taught what to do, and not to do, in the event they are kidnapped. Let employees know what type of action the company will take to secure their release. Inform employees it could take months to free them. Stress that victims should always leave negotiations to the security consultants and insurance professionals hired to handle the situation.
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