It’s expensive to be a blonde
It’s expensive to be a blonde
Every woman has at least once in her life wanted to become a blonde, while those who tried know that blonde hair requires a lot of attention, more expensive treatments and more visits to hair salons. Check what are the things you need to know before you decide to change your hair color and become a blonde.

Before you decide to change the hair, ask yourself why you want to do that. You should be aware that a change of hair color is really most drastic change. Prepare yourself also for some the occasional joke, because as soon as you change your hair color is certain that many will want to make a well-intentioned joke at your expense.

There is a long way to a perfect shade
There are different shades of blonde, from almost white cold to warm shades of gold. Your wishes are one thing, but it depends on your hair what color you'll be able to achieve. With the help of professional hairdressers and the right products for your hair you will be able to bring desired shade, but if you have a red pigment you will not be able to be platinum blonde and look as good.

Be aware of dark hair growth
Dark hair growth on Blonde hair are the most visible, and if your natural hair color is dark then you will go to paint it more often, approximately every three weeks.

Blonde hair is expensive to maintain, and requires special care shampoos, masks and hair balm as it is prone to cracking, and because of frequent treatment for dry colors it can look really bad.

UV ray protection
Coloured hair needs special care during the summer months due to exposure to sunlight. You need products with UV protection, and it may be that the hair strands get some green color in contact with the chlorine in the pool. The trick that will solve this problem is the mask of ketchup. Apply ketchup on your hair, hold 15 minutes and rinse, and it will neutralize the green color.

If you choose to become blonde, follows the changes of makeup, powder soft and natural shades of pink blush and eye shadows in soft colors.

Change the color of the eyebrows
The color of your brows should also be adjusted to your new blonde hair. This task is the best for the hairdresser to coordinate eyebrows color with your new hair color.
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