Isolated tribe faces destruction
Isolated tribe faces destruction
One of the last tribe, with which modern civilization has not made contact, is dangerously threatened by modernization. Deep in the Amazon rainforest near the Brazilian border and with Peru, are made the photos without the names of tribes and their language, according to Reuters. They are made by the Brazilian agency for relations with the indigenous population of FUNAI, and they showed the world organization Survival International in London, which is dealing with the rights of indigenous people.

Tribe of the picture is located near the river Enviro, which is one of the many tributaries of the Amazon River. In the same region there are about 50 tribes with which modern man has not yet made contact. It is assumed that in the world there may be a total of around a hundred tribes, that modern civilization has not made contact yet.

Photographs were made last year, and they were released to the public in order to draw attention to the illegal exploitation and destruction of trees in the Peruvian-Brazilian border of the Amazon region. Peru is under heavy criticism for allowing mining and oil companies to exploit areas of rainforest, regardless of the local tribes and devastating effect on their lifestyle and culture.
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