Is this a paradise on earth?
Is this a paradise on earth?
1200 islands, 26 atolls, 700 km from Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean are the exotic Maldives. 'Paradise on Earth' - are the Maldives in one sentence. Sun, coconut palms, over 25 degrees, lagoon and white sand are a balm for the eyes and soul.

Although there are over a thousand of islands, each of them is different and unique. Some are more lagoon, some have a more beautiful beach and several palm trees, some with superb spa treatments, and some will fascinate even offer food and 18,000 bottles of wine from all over the world.

In the Maldives you only need a bathing suit, mask and fins. If you choose to cruise the Maldives you will experience morning with a flock of dolphins, you will visit the deserted island, enjoy the tropical sunsets and fresh coconut and eat whenever you want and feel the real adventure.

'Waste and uninhabited islands are exotic and improbable lead you to a third dimension and radiate energy which can be felt only at this place in the whole world.

The fact that you can experience only when you dive with a mask at the depth of 1 meter, this wealth of fish and coral and other exotic species it seem so unreal. When you see a turtle in front of you, below you a few meters large Manta or when swimming with a thousand small colorful tropical fish, then you are the happiest person in the world. It feels phenomenal to swim and lie on a small islet of only two meters in the ocean, enjoy the turquoise lagoon that surrounds you and collect shells and white and red coral as a souvenir and a memory that you were really there. It is such a difficult place to leave. Whether you're on an island in the home or on the water in the so-called water bungalow or cruising the atolls, you will once again want to return at the Maldives.
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