Inch by inch
Inch by inch
In Celtic society, allowing oneself to become fat was considered a disgrace to. Each Celtic village kept a belt of standard length which, periodically, was tried on by all the men. If the belt didn’t fit, the man was fined. The length of the belt was known as a yard, which derives from the word for a rod or straight branch. By the 12th century there were so many different belt sizes that King Henry I decided to standardize the yard as the distance from the thumb of his outstretched arm to his nose. Today the International Yard is standard equal to 3 feet (36 inches) or exactly equal to 0.9144 meters. And in case you’re counting the inches, the average waist size for American men is 39 inches and 37 inches for American women, which is about 4 inches wider than people from most other nations.
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