Hypnosis warmed employees
Hypnosis warmed employees
The owner of the shoe shop in the English town of Bromsgrouve found the ideal solution to warm the in his workshop. Instead of buying a heater, Martin Konelan 'warmed' his employees with hypnosis.

The problem appeared because Konelan like holding the door of his workshop open, in order to aerate of the constant fumes and smoke, but at one point, temperatures dropped to -13 degrees Celsius.

He then decided that the the people who work for him buy coats, as they were but even then they complained that they were cold. However, after five minutes with a hypnotist who was hired by Konelan, workers started to take off their shirts and pants.

'All my life I had cold hands and that is now gone. It's crazy how you can go from one extreme to another "said the worker Adam Hood (27). Konelan admits that at first he was skeptical of the idea that he can 'warm up' employees with a hypnosis, but to his surprise, employees began to complain that in the workshop is too hot.

'This is a case of reprogramming of people, as if they were computers. You can get people to think differently about how they feel. Appears that it was a success." said the hypnotist.
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