Homeless man with a talent
Homeless man with a talent
In exchange for one dollar, Ted Williams offers passers the enjoyment of his vocal abilities. He hopes that someone will notice him and offer him a job. Homeless man from the U.S. State of Ohio has recently experienced international fame after a local newspaper published a story about him.

Ted Williams, in fact, has a voice for which many professional managers will give a fortune. He has always wanted to become a leader on the radio, but in life he has brought some bad decisions so for many years he had to deal with alcoholism and addiction. For two years he is not using drink and drugs, but he never manages to find a job.

"When I was 14, I met a radio host and I was very surprised that he does not looked likle as he sound like. When I told him that he informed me that he was doing a mental theater and it's all in your head. I realized that I want to do that job, but then came to alcohol and drugs problems and some other things. However, now I'm clean for two years and I would like to work on television or radio, "says Williams.

After his story was published it became a hit on YouTube, and then it started getting many job offers. So far got a hundred bids and compete for radio showman which salary would be about 15 thousand dollars.

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