The History of Wheel
The History of Wheel
An illustration of a wheel was found in the Sindh Province of India dating from about 4,000 BC, although there is no written record of the first mention of the wheel. The Bible and other old scriptures have many references to chariots, perhaps the most famous being those of the Egyptian pharaohs. And while the movies depict the glory of ancient Roman chariots, those were horse-drawn. The first mention of a carriage that moved on its own accord came from traders who visited the mysterious far East empires of Cathay and T’chin. The traders spoke of carriages which moved with the aid of fire. Perhaps these carriages were steam powered, the technology being known to the Chinese by 800 BC. Plato, in his Hero of Alexandria of 150 BC, mentioned some 70 steam inventions. In 50 BC, Heron of Greece proposed a steam engine but Rome feared that his concept would create unemployment and lead to unrest. Steam power for vehicles would be mentioned again many years later when Jesuit priest Ferdinand Verbiest, who worked in China from 1659 until his death in 1688, left a description of a steam car he had built.
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