The highest model in the world
The highest model in the world
Californian model Amazon Eve, which is with her height of 203.2 centimeters, 93 kilograms and the 45 number of shoes is in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest model in the world. She has now received an offer to make some nude pictures for Playboy.

"I am certainly glad that Hugh Hefner chose me as a model that will appear in the pages of Playboy. The only thing I would have to do is to to reduce a little my muscle mass in order to become more feminine, but Hefner was the only one for who'd I posed nude because he is the only one who does it with style, "said the model. She was recently invited to a charity party organized by Hugh Hefner, and when they agreed on cooperation. It is interesting that in the party she was the tallest person, not only of the present "Bunny", but also from the male guests. She says it was pretty exciting because it was never in the famous house of the owner of "Playboy. Eve has found a way to have fun, even though she was "inappropriately" dressed. The "bunnies" are the first checking her, and then her body was used as a rod strip for them.

Model who grew up in the suburbs of California, among the cows and orchards, had a rather unusual route to fame. At the age of 14 she realized that she will be much higher than average, and at school she was humiliated and ridiculed. After a long career, personal trainer Eve has heard from a client, who was a professional, that there would certainly be a lot of men who would be interested to know her, adding that this would be a great way to easily earn a lots of money. "At first I refused, but she was persistent while I was not convinced. I had a client who flew in from Phoenix just to meet me. I stood motionless for two hours in high heels while he was down on the floor and looked at me. For this he paid me a 800 dollars.

One of the strangest experience with clients was the one with a man who paid her a staggering cost... Just a few minutes she held him in her arms as a baby. Unusually attractive blond received an offer to pose for Playboy which she is seriously considering.

"I think I should break up with intensive training so that my body could be slightly softened. I wish that Hugh Hefner take a pictures of me, has revealed the model. Amazon is thinking about breaking through the film scene, and she sees herself as a villain in some new 'James Bond' movie.

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