Healthy food in the refrigerator
Healthy food in the refrigerator
The food that we see when we open the refrigerator and that we have on the front is the one that we eat first. So we put in the forefront some healthy fruits and vegetables, and caloric and unhealthier foods store in their shadow.

Three times is greater likelihood that people will eat the first thing they see in the fridge, as reveals a study that was conducted at Cornell University in New York, and was carried out at more than 200 subjects.

One of the top experts in the study, Brian Wansink said that the place that the food is placed has a great influence upon the man, as people tend to decide for the food that they immediately see. He explains that if you put healthy food in front of the junk food, there is much bigger possibility you'll take the one that is healthy. It is less likely that you will eat the food that is hidden behind other food when you come home all tired.

Wansink also added that it is the best to put the food into boxes that are closed because we can not see what is in them. He is also a distinguished professor and Ig Nobel Prize winner (a parody of the famous prize is awarded for unnecessary achievements) in Nutrition.
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