He got one million dollars!
He got one million dollars!
If you want a million dollars, all you have to do is - to ask for it. At least, such is the experience of U.S. comedian Craig Roen, who will become a millionaire in early February.

Craig has attracted public attention with his video recordings on which he prays for a million-dollar gifts. First, for donation he asked many famous rich men, and then moved to the big companies, but without success. Until recently, the clip appeared on YouTube in which Craig was discovered that he had found someone to fulfill his dream.

Comedian was called by a man named Benjamin who agreed to make him a millionaire. Although at first he was skeptical, all doubts disappeared when he got a certified agreement which obliges the rich man to pay him a million dollars, and that Rouen owes him nothing in return. Enthusiastic comedian announced that he would the check with six zeros will be given to him live, second February at eight in the evening on his stand-up performance.

Is it a marketing gimmick or an actual event, it remains to be seen, if a man should get the million dollars that was literally cried them out.

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