Having bear for a pet
Having bear for a pet
One man has tremendous confidence in his female pet bear. Specifically, a 60-year-old Canadian Mark Abbot Dumas is holding in his yard an unusual pet. It is a female polar bear heavy around 380 kg.

Although heavy around 380 kg and 213 cm high, Mark loves to play with her, cuddle her, swim in the pool, and quite often fall asleep in her arms. Sometimes she even grabs his neck.

Mark, who is a professional animal tamer with his 49-year-old wife, trained polar bear for television commercials. When she was five years old, now 16-year-old Agee appeared in the adventure film "Alaska" in 1995. year.

As for 40 years working with bears, Mark admits he fully understands the body language of Agee so at any time know how to behave towards her. In exchange for a steak, salmon, biscuits and chocolate, this female bear does skills such as crawling, lying, suddenly getting up and growls.
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