The happiest countries on the planet
The happiest countries on the planet
Have you ever wondered where the most happiest people on the planet live? The answer is in northern Europe. British study conducted by the Legatum Institute from London, and that includes residents of 110 countries, representing 90% of the human population, found that the happiest country on earth is Norway, followed by Denmark and Finland.

Exploring what it is that what makes you happy by individual, they found that in addition to possession of enough money for all purposes, and that high standard that is characteristic of Scandinavian countries, where freedom of thought and expression really means to people, to practice their religion, a sense of safety and security at home, ability to care for themselves.

The main criteria for the detection of where the happiest people live were the economy of the state, enterprises, government, education, health, safety, personal freedom and social capital. It turns out that in addition to the aforementioned three countries, the ones that are meeting these criteria the most are Australia and New Zealand, as well as Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands and the United States, which were in top 10.

Surveyed men said that they are happy to spend quality time with their friends and family, for opportunities and possibilities to get a good education, to be entrepreneurs, as well as the fact that their work and effort will be rewarded many times. These qualities make Norway, Denmark and Finland the most prosperous countries in the world, reports
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