Gwyneth's list of tips for moms
Gwyneth's list of tips for moms
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has decided to help working moms and so she published a list of tips that can help organize daily activities and noted their parental duties on her Goop web page. It is not easy to be an employed mom, but if you put on paper everyday responsibilities and organize yourself in the best possible way, it is very likely that you will succeed. Same do the celebrity moms and friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney.

In order to help all of her fans and all the moms who juggle with work and parenting, Gwyneth gave some advice on her Goop web page. What she forgot to write is that she have a nanny and few domestic help that they are always with her and help her in caring about six-year old Apple and four-year old Moses.

1. Manage your time well. When I know what I'm doing from one hour to hour I menage to achieve and do more things.

2. Focus on the task, so you will be based.

3. On the time purchase the foods that you need for lunch, especially on the weekend. It is best to have all you need in the fridge on Friday.

4. When children go to bed, prepare them a wardrobe for another day and check that everything is packed in their bags for kindergarten or school.

5. The time you spend in the car while transporting children to school is great for making telephone calls, but do not forget a hands-free device.
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