Grandma shoot at her neighbor
Grandma shoot at her neighbor
Angry at a her neighbor who refused to kiss her, Helen Stodinger (92) from Florida pulled out a semiautomatic pistol and fired at his house. One bullet even passed near to his head.

Helen fired four bullets on her 53-year-old neighbor because he refused to kiss her. Although she knew that her neighbor Dwight Betner has a girlfriend, she came to his house and asked for a kiss.

She said she will not go away until it receives. Since Dwight refused, the angry old woman went home for semi-automatic pistol. She went back to his house and fired on him. Fortunately she did not hit him. One bullet went near his head until the next phone call.

Dwight said that if he had just leaned forward a little more, she could shoot him in the head. Soon the police arrived and the old woman was arrested for assault with deadly weapons.

He admitted that sometimes he putted forward rubbish and helped her just as a good neighbor. Dwight concluded that apparently she has misinterpreted his kindness.

She even damaged his car, and he was hurt by the broken glass window, but not so badly.
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