Giant Albino Catfish
Giant Albino Catfish
A British man Chris Grimmer and his three friends have never dreamed that a summer break in Spain would ensure them a place in the books of fishing records. Catfish caught by the 35-year-old Chris is the biggest ever hooked albino catfish. It was 2.4 meters long and weighs 88 kilograms, just 1 kilogram heavier than the previous record holder which was in September 2010. caught by blind Shelia Penfold from London.

Chirs and his three friends from Sheffield went for a week fishing at the River Ebro near Barcelona. Having bitten the bait a fight with catfish lasted over half an hour.

Chris said that it seemed as if he will never pulled it out. It's like trying to get the whole bus. A friend finally entered the water and helped him to pull it out. Just after that, the guide came and immediately weigh it and told them that this catch is a record. Chris then jumped for joy, as he said.

Albino catfish is after the weighing released back into the river, and Chris and his friends have a memorable event toasted with champagne.

Ashley Scott, a guide that organized the way to catch catfish tournament, said that he immediately saw that this is a record catch.

The biggest catfish ever caught weighed 293 kilograms and it was hooked on Thailand in 2005.

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