Genetically modified plants
Genetically modified plants
For centuries, pants have been used as medicines, but now genetically modified plants can produce plastic, skin tissue agents and human blood proteins. Biotechnologists have created genetically modified (GM) plants that can grow plastic. They managed this by inserting 4 genes from a plastic-producing bacteria into varieties of oilseed rape and cress. Conventional plastics are made from oil and do not degrade easily, but the plant plastic is biodegradable. But it is expensive, at this costing five times more than petroleum-derived plastic. BTW, the word plastic comes from the Greek plastikos, meaning “to form” or “to shape.” Actually, man has been “genetically modifying” everything from food to dogs for many centuries, but in the past the only tool has been selective breeding. There are a variety of ways that scientists now modify plants and animals with genetic engineering techniques. In the meantime, before you grow your own plastic plants, take good care of your real plants. Clean them often, speak to them, and play them some nice music to make them grow healthier.
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