Gene responsible for cheating?
Gene responsible for cheating?
If we can believe the results of researches of the relation of the genetic code and cheating, the lack of self control and love aren't guilty of adultery, but the gene DRD4 is.
If you think that the cheating is caused by a lack of love or self-control, you are wrong. Scientists from the University of New York explored the behavior of 180 adults. After completing the questionnaire on sexual behavior, their DNA was tested to determine whether they carry "the gene for adultery".
The results have shown that carriers of DRD4 are more likely for the one-night sex, adultery, gambling and alcohol consumption.
The explanation for this behavior lies in the fact that the body of people who carry this gene secrete more dopamine if you engage in the risks that they can provide pleasure, like sex for a one-night or gambling.
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