Gaelic football and hurling
Gaelic football and hurling
Gaelic sports are a bit different form of sports played in the world. Some of the games that are played are Gaelic football and hurling. The football played is similar to regular football except for a few key differences and hurling is a very interesting game that seems to be a mix of football and hockey. The interesting thing about Gaelic football is that it is a mix of football and rugby. There are 15 players on a side and the ball can be picked up with the hands but has to be kicked or touched with the feet after a few steps. The goals look like a cross between a football goal and the rugby goal posts. The game play is brutal and very fast paced with people slamming into each other and crashing to the ground. Hurling on the other hand is a mix of football and hockey with a small hard round ball being used. This game seems to be even more brutal than Gaelic football with people using no protective equipment and swinging heavy sticks around. What is interesting to note is that both Gaelic football and hurling have ancient Irish traditions. This could be one reason for their survival over so many years. The games tap a strong sense of nationalistic pride and reliving traditions and cultural aspects.
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