For what we can use worms?
For what we can use worms?
Research in Singapore found that soon may no longer be necessary to chemically dyed textile materials, at least when it comes to silk. Also, scientists hope to apply this discovery to develop a textile materials that could be used for medical purposes.

In the research led by scientists from the Institute for Materials Research in Singapore, the researchers fed the worms a special diet, which they get the silk worm in a particular color. Result of specific diet was naturally dyed silk that which is produced by the worms and it was painted. Some of the colors were obtained by this method, for example purple, which was obtained in animals fed a combination of raspberry and naturally derived fluorescent colors.

As we have previously reported, silk worms are used for the production of the spider silk, the Crusaders silk, which is basically much tighter than plain silk. Based on the achievements of scientists hope that the research process in the next succeed silk add antibacterial properties which would make a perfect material for folding and stitching wounds. The material obtained in this way would be very hard, but also a flexible and most importantly - naturally sterile.
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