The first video recording
The first video recording
The word “video” is from the Latin verb “videre” meaning “I see”. The Ampex corporation of California invented the video recording machine in 1956. The first video recorder, the Ampex VR1000, stood 3 ft 3 in (1,1 m) high, or more than 6ft when fully assembled, and weighed as much as a small car: 1,466 lb (665 kg). The home video recorder was introduced in 1972 by Philips. JVC introduced the VHS system in 1976. Sony introduced the first handheld film camera, the Sony Mavica camcorder, in 1981. The first DVD players were launched in 1996. By 2003, DVD rentals and sales topped those of VHS video and by 2005 the big retailers phased out VHS in favor of DVD. A movie made about 5 times more from its video sales than ticket takings and that trend has continued with DVD. About one quarter of all DVD movies sold are animations.
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