The first supermodel billionaire
The first supermodel billionaire
According to the magazine Forbes in the world of supermodels could soon appear a billionaire. Specifically, Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid model ever therefore she could obtain the title of the first billionaire among supermodels.

An attractive model Gisele Bundchen and was awarded as the highest paid supermodel, with an annual salary of 45 million dollars, according to a prediction of the magazine Forbes, she could soon become the first billionaire among models, and the first Brazilian, who came to its billions itself.

She's also the main face of the fashion house Versace and Dior. This beauty thirty-year-old model plans to launch a line of green cosmetics, clothes and sandals. In addition, the magazine Forbes has made a list of her properties.

In her possession Gisele has a hotel in southern Brazil, property in Baja, a villa in Costa Rica and property in California, which she bought with her husband, Tom Brady and which is worth 11 million dollars, and she plans to invest another 20 million dollars in it.
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