Fastest suit for swimmers
Fastest suit for swimmers
There is a type of swimwear used by professional swimmers that has found itself at the center of a serious controversy. Basically, this swimwear increases the speed of a swimmer many fold. Using the product, a lot of world records were broken and FINA, the governing body for aquatic sports, ruled that it gave those that wore it an unfair advantage over others. The swimwear in question is Speedo’s LZR Racer full-length bodysuit. This particular bodysuit is being touted on the Speedo website as the fastest suit out there for professional swimmers. It has bonded seams and a built-in hydro form compression system. All this seems very technical and complicated, but apparently this suit is so good that it greatly increases aquatic speed. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, 40 world records were broken by swimmers, and this amazing feat was attributed to the suits they were wearing. It might be a bit unfair to say that, because these athletes trained very hard and are at the top of their game, but FINA backs this claim with extensive studies, coming to the conclusion that the only advantage these swimmers had in their superlative speed was the full body suit they were wearing.
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