Faster you walk the longer you live
Faster you walk the longer you live
Speed of walking may be associated with a longer life after the age of 65 years, according to an analysis of several studies published in the Gazette of the American Medical Association. Number of years the men and women will experience increases depending on the speed of their walk, as the authors of the analysis write. They calculated that the life expectancy of both sexes began to increase at different times depending on the speed of walking.

The research is related to the data obtained between the 1985 and 2000. The average speed of walking of 34,485 participants was 0.92 meters per second, and the average age age was 73.5 . Researchers found that the walking speed is related to differences in the probability of survival for participants of all ages and both sexes. Speed of walking is just as reliable an indicator of longevity and age, sex, chronic disease, smoking, body mass index or blood pressure, concluded the researchers.

There are several reasons that explain why the speed of walking a good indicator for the life of older people, as researchers said. The walk requires energy, motion control and encourages the work of several organs such as heart, lung, nerve, blood and muscle and bone structure.

A slower walk might be a sign of deteriorating function of these organs and their composition.
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