Famous Red Shoes on auction
Famous Red Shoes on auction
A pair of red shoes, one from the most famous movie props, which Judy Garland worn on the movie The Wizard of Oz, in the 1939, will be offered on auction.

It is expected that the famous red shoes that the small Dorothy wore in cult film fetch two to three million dollars, as was reported by the world's media.

On that auction there will be one of the four remaining pairs of shoes, that Judy Garland wore in the role of a girl named Dorothy in the scene where she knocked three times with her heels to return to her home in Kansas.

Joe Maddalena, the owner of that auction house said that this is the most important film prop in the world. There's nothing like a well-known red shoes. He expects that offers for this film rarity come from all over the world.

One pair of these shoes that were used in the film is currently in Smithsonian Museum in Washington, the second is owned by a private collector, while the third pair is stolen from a Museum Judy Garland in Minnesota.

Shoes that will be on the auction are indicated by # 7 Judy Garland and they are in very good condition, except that they have small scratches on the heels, probably from knocking.
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