F1 simulator for 300,000 euros
F1 simulator for 300,000 euros
This is definitely a toy only for the rich ones. A new Ferrari F1 simulator is recently shown at Monza. Among the first that ordered this gadget, which price is 300,000 euros, were the musician Jay Kay and designer Ralph Lauren.

Simulator will be fun just for the rich people, since you need a 300,000 euros for it and that the only requirement for the purchase of the simulator is that you already have a Ferrari. Simulator is essentially the same as that Shell bought from Ferrari suppliers All in sport, and that is managed by Anton Stipinovich.

The F1 commentator, James Allen, left the post in which he wrote that the simulator is a great tool, with fantastic graphics and gives a real experience of how the wheels work and how aerodynamic tire pressure comes from the increased speed and how it gets lower under braking. Although this is not a real simulator which could be used as the last test aerodynamic modifications, it will surely make that user gets the same feeling as the F1 driver has during the race.

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