Extending life by up to 5 years
Extending life by up to 5 years
Medical researchers have unexpectedly discovered a potential key for extending life. It appeared that the cure for osteoporosis for the elder and weaker people prolongs their life by up to five years, said the scientists surprisingly. Published study showed positive effects of drugs in individuals of the same age who did not have osteoporosis.

'This is something that was excellent for us, and those people were in better condition than the average people, "said Professor John Eisman, from the Institute for Medical Research in Sydney, writes DaiyMail.

'We kept thinking that we randomly selected healthy group and therefore it proved better, but whichever way we looked we're able to explain, "he said. The research was part of a wider study that began in 1989th year. In 2000 elderly people were tested of whom 121 received treatment for osteoporosis for three years.

Medicines for osteoporosis prevents loss of bone mass, slowing down the speed at which the bone regenerate, and this process in people with osteoporosis is accelerated. Professor Eisman believes that the results could be associated with toxic metals such as lead.

'When people get older they lose bones, and when that happens toxic metals are returned to the body and can adversely affect their health. Preventing loss of bone, bisphosphonates are preventing drug release those toxic metals', concluded the professor.
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