Everyone want to go to Mars
Everyone want to go to Mars
Even the 400 volunteers signed up on their own initiative to travel to Mars after "The Journal of Cosmology" published an article dealing with the potential colonization of the red planet.

The idea of the colonization of Mars, has long represented in all forms of science-fiction, from novels to movies, according to the respected American journal, it could be realized but through the next 20 years. No matter which candidate of the most colorful profiles (among them there were even quite a few retirees and a few nurse), they would not have to pass the rigorous NASA tests. Fox News published a small survey that motivate these people for 10 month journey from which there is no return.

"I do very well with solitude and I can work good with a variety of tools and repairs. I even have made a device to supply solar energy and built three houses with my own hands "it's a clip from a letter of the motivated Passover Rostov, 69-year-old engineer for computers.

"I have a desire to explore the universe since I was a kid and have always been fascinated by rockets" discovered Peter Greaves, father of three children, employed as vendors of spare parts for motorcycles.

Editorial of the magazine remained stunned by the number of applications due the potential problems detailed in the mission because it is not published anywhere to receive the application, according to Fox.
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