Euros instead of meat
Euros instead of meat
To one woman in Germany happened something really unusual, in a bags that she brought from butchers, instead of sausage and steak she found 2,000 euros.

Cashier of one butcher in Germany, in Braunschweig city, mistakenly gave his customer a bag with two thousand euros instead of products that she usually buys.

The unnamed old woman paid five Euros for packing of salami and veal chops, but in return she got a lot more.

This honest old woman said that she was very surprised and she immediately called the butcher, but their working hours were over. Then she called the police and explained everything to them.

The next day, police returned the money to the owner of butchers, who said that the daily market was packed in a paper bag which he placed next to cash registers, as he usually does. However, the cashier was careless at that moment, and confused one bag with the money bag given to a customer.

This woman received one hundred euro prize from butcher and also got a free basket with sausages.
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