Emotions in Sports
Emotions in Sports
During a sports contest between teams or athletes, we have all witnessed varying levels of emotions coming from those playing. Fans would have seen their favorite athletes breaking down after winning a match just as they do after losing a match. At other times emotions can actually dictate the outcome of a contest. Getting overcome by emotions is a human trait, we all get overwhelmed by something that then triggers an emotional response in us, but athletes are acutely prone to this effect. The nature of their chosen field is one that demands a high level of control and skill on the part of the athlete and with these demands come a high level of pressure. Most of the time people in normal jobs have a lot of stress to deal with but the pressures they face are at a micro level, athletes face pressures on a macro level. A lot of the time athletes are representing their countries and a huge number of people are depending on them. Hence they feel a lot is expected from them and they must deliver in order to meet those expectations. This can give rise to massive levels of stress which can then lead to emotional responses from the athletes.
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