Educated people age slower
Educated people age slower
Socioeconomic status is already known factor that affects health, but new research has proven that the reason is not only better finance, but the information you provide to make better decisions. Less educated people age faster as some results show by a new British study, which included 400 men and women.

Evidence from DNA suggest that the aging of cells is evident in adults who don't have higher educational qualifications in comparison with those with a university degree.

The link between health and socioeconomic status is well known. People from the poorer strata of society in average are more smokers, they are less recreate and have a more difficult access to quality health care.

A new study shows that education could be more important factor that influences the long-term health of an individual of his income or social status because it allows making better decisions.

The same study found that people with higher qualifications are exposed to less stress, or better tolerate it.
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