Early versions of Google, YouTube...
Early versions of Google, YouTube...
The most popular websites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or YouTube were changing their look over the years and developing in the way in which their creators could only dream of. Some of them have changed beyond recognition ...

Design of Google has not changed that much since the first version of the site, but the services and opportunities provided by the customers certainly are. The site was launched in the 1998 , and the creators Sregey Brin and Larry Page have made a simple design for it.

Early version of Youtube YouTube is the biggest online video service launched in 2005, and then it practically had no interface and it did not indicate video content. The first video clip that is uploaded on YouTube was the recording of one of the founders of the site Jawed Karim, who uploaded a video Me at the zoo.

Early version of Facebook When Mark Zakerberg launched today the most popular social network with 800 million users, it was initially intended only to students at Harvard. Facebook was then called The Facebook and in the upper left corner was a digitally made character, actor Al Pacino.

Early version of Facebook The name Yahoo is the acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. One of the first Web browsers initially had a very simple design and modest possibilities, but it soon became the website with news ...

Early version of Amazon The best known site for online shopping came on the 1995 , as a book shop on the Internet. Jeffrey Bezos, founder named the site after the river Amazon. Website still has a very similar design as in the beginning.

Early version of Twitter It is almost impossible to recognize the increasingly popular social networking site Twitter, when you see its original design. The site on the front page had printed the word Twttr, which was inspired by the site Flickr, and SMS messages. Design of Twitter has changed more than six times in the past five years.

Early version of The New York Times The New York Times exists from 1851, but the website has been active since 1996. The first version of the site had only one photo on the front page while the website today is rich with pictures and videos.

Early version of Myspace Myspace was founded in 2003. as competition for Friendster and in the height of popularity between the 2005. and 2007. the company News Corp bought it for 580 million dollars. It used to be the most visited site on the Internet, but in the recent years it experienced a big popularity downfall. It was recently bought by Justin Timberlake for 35 million dollars.
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