Discovery of the oldest dinosaur
Discovery of the oldest dinosaur
A group of scientists found the remains of one of the oldest dinosaur. American and Argentine paleontologists and geologists were found the remains of dinosaurs in the Argentine province of San Juan. They believe that dinosaur lived 230 million years ago. This province is otherwise known for discoveries of fossils, and because of specific appearance of the landscape, San Juan is nicknamed the 'Valley of the moon'.

Because of the period in which the dinosaur lived, the scientists named it Eodromaeus, which would be could be translated in Latin as 'the dawn runner '. 'The name we gave him because he dates from the dawn of the existence of dinosaurs, "explained the lead researcher Ricardo Martinez.

Eodromaeus was a meat eater, and it could be an early ancestor of the most famous of all dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex. He moved on two legs, weighed 10 to 15 pounds, had sharp teeth and long tail. Scientists have managed to find almost the entire skeleton of this 230 million year old dinosaur.
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