Discovered prehistoric drawings
Discovered prehistoric drawings
Prehistoric drawings that are 25,000 years old were accidentally discovered in one cave in Spain Altamira.

Red drawings of horses and human hands, which were accidentally discovered by archaeologists while they are looking for signs of ancient settlement, probably originated at the same time as some of the best prehistoric paintings in the cave of Altamira discovered in 1879.

For the Reuters agency, archaeologist Diego Garate said that it was an accidentally discovery. Although the drawings were difficult to spot because many of them have failed because of the time, but the experience has helped them to recognize them.

The first Homo sapiens arrived on the north of Spain in small groups about 35,000 years ago. They have some time living with Neanderthals and developed a significant culture, known as the Upper Paleolithic, when they made tools of stone and decorated the walls of caves.
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