Detection of the future criminals
Detection of the future criminals
U.S. scientists have discovered that by looking at the brain of a three-years old child can detect whether it have a criminal tendencies. The origins of crime and antisocial behavior can be found in children as young as only three years old, according to a criminal psychologist Adrian Raine and Nathalie Fontaine.

By this conclusion they reached by studying the brain scans in children after compare that with their subsequent behavior. Studies have shown that psychopaths and criminals have developed different parts of the brain that are associated with the behavior, guilt and empathy.

"By identifying these types of antisocial behavior and the with proper approach would prevent criminal behavior, " explains Raine and Fontaine.

Their research showed that punishment of children did not show significant improvement. Results are achieved only by hard work, counseling with troubled children, as well as praise for the breakthrough achieved. Progress was also demonstrated by those who were taking food and medicine rich with Omega 3 fatty acids.

The study was conducted at nine thousand twins whose development was followed over several years.

Scientists hope to be able to begin soon to implement to identify individual children from troubled families, but the question is how to protect these children from other types of marking from their childhood.
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