Crab mutant ended up in fishing net
Crab mutant ended up in fishing net
English fishermen managed to catch an unusual marine mutant - a crab with three clamps. This crab is currently in the Blue Reef aquarium and it's nicknamed Claude. It ended up in a fishing net in the coastal area of Northumberland. Claude was to the Mentioned aquarium by fisherman Jeff Handyside, reports The Press Association.

Anna Etchells from the Blue Reef Aquarium explained that it t is rare to find the crabs with an extra pair of pliers. Cause of their mutations they can be caused by changes in the environment, and genetic mutation, but no one knows for sure.

Anna Etchells also concluded that the crabs have the ability to regenerate their lost limbs, if they lose some, or if they are damaged in combat. It may be that the regenerative ability of Claude easily confused.

However, it is not the first time that the fisherman Handyside saw the mutated crab, because his brother caught a similar crab last year in the same area.
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