Combination of Sports and Brands
Combination of Sports and Brands
Sports seem to be becoming more and more popular as time goes by, and as they become more popular that will just lead to more and more brands being put into sports. Recently this trend can be seen in the fact that companies are increasing their overall brand awareness by sponsoring whole teams and complete events. Examples include Red Bull sponsoring a whole F1 team, and also an Air Racing team, Pepsi and Coke continuing to fight their cola war by increasing sponsorships of whole teams like cricket teams. More brands being linked to sports teams and events can be seen as a very positive thing because it enhances the entire sport because of increased consumer awareness. For example if someone was a big fan of a certain brand and that brand started sponsoring a sport then their consumers might start to take an interest in the sport and the sport suddenly gets more fans. It can also work the other way round with sports fans trying a product that is sponsoring their favorite sport.
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