Chinese robots serve food
Chinese robots serve food
In northern China, in Jinan place, a new restaurant has a robots for the waitresses. In this new, strange way, six robots serve 100 meals for the evening.

The restaurant has 21 tables that are arranged circularly, so that the robots follow a fixed route when they serve visitors.

After that they return to the kitchen to fill the trays for the next round. Of course, the real chefs are preparing the food, and there are employees who are there to explain to the visitors how the service at the restaurant work.

The idea was implemented by company "Shandong Dalu Science and Technology ", which already has a plan to develop further this concept:" The next step is to create robots that can climb stairs and to help in the kitchen with dish washing and similar jobs. Also, the waitresses will be improved so that they can directly approach the particular table or even to supplement the plates or glasses, "said the company spokesman Zhang Jongpei.
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