Cheese Rolling
Cheese Rolling
An old traditional race called cheese rolling is held in many parts of the UK. This interesting tradition has large circles of cheese being rolled from a hill, and people have to run after it in a race format to try and see who the first one is down the hill. That person wins the cheese. What is so strange about this tradition is that the only thing the winner gets is a slab of cheese. Recently an event was held where cheese aficionados and runners lined up to try to win that coveted hunk of cheese. The official event that was to take place in the same area had been canceled by the local council because of health and safety issues, but an unofficial event was scheduled in its place and was a roaring success. As the years have gone by and more pedantic health and safety laws come into place, more traditional games seem to be in danger of being banned altogether and lost to the folds of history. People will soon long for the days when anyone could roll down a hill in pursuit of a hunk of cheese, chuck metal rings at targets indoors, or play indoor skittles to their hearts’ content.
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