Causes of summer weight gain
Causes of summer weight gain
In summer time we are much more active than in winter time because of the beautiful and sunny weather that keeps us on walks and socializing outside the four walls. But despite the movement and a lot easier and less calorie diet in most of the holiday period there is some kilogram more. If you still do not know why this happens, it is time to discover the 3 main causes of summer weight gain.

1. Laziness
Summer escape from everyday life is a major causal of summer weight gain. Travels seem very relaxing, but it is in no-load mode of life during the two or three weeks of rest is the real culprit.

Although you might have planned to swim daily and participate in numerous events such as sightseeing excursions and most are still deciding for lying on the beach and a tasty barbecue.

2. Food
Most of the people goes on the rest in order to leave the work in the kitchen far behind. It is precisely such a break from cooking and preparing food can be crucial in the accumulation of unwanted pounds.

Specialities from the grill or baked, fast food in between swimming and sunbathing and all sorts of treats like ice cream and cake calories are actually in double the amount entering the body than they did at home.

3. Alcohol
With sun, the sea and good company an occasional cocktail fits perfectly. In addition that alcohol itself causes the accumulation of weight, refreshing cocktails that you drink in a deep shade or on the beach party are the right calorie bombs that hide the thousands of calories.

As alcohol fits perfectly with some salty snacks, a combination of these two is popular but unhealthy habits with which you get a real pounds collector.
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