A car parked in a camping trailer
A car parked in a camping trailer
Lester Aterfold (67) is a retired mechanic from New Zealand. He worked three months in orderto rearranged his car (Mini brand), to be even smaller, because he wanted to be parked in their moving home. That car is manufactured in 1964.

He shortened the length of his car from 3 meters to 2.39 meters, while the length was shortened to 61 cm in the middle part, and also installed a new gearbox and new instrument panel.

This reorganization of his Mini car costed him his entire 112 euros, while the engine remained from Mini of 1100 cubic meters, which can still develop a speed of 121 km/h. Lester bought this car in 1988.

"Fantastic. It is very useful when I'm at vacation. Mini is the only car that can fit into a camping trailer. All the others are too big for that. No other car can be parked under the bed, "said the proud owner of this interesting mini rearranged car.
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