The biggest myths about gain weight
The biggest myths about gain weight
There is almost no woman that at least once in their lives did not try to go on a diet or at least listened to some advice from friends. Eat this, but not at any time of day, try out this food, but only once a week and from this you will gain weight, and because of this you can have serious problems... But how to cope in that jungle of information? Here are four biggest myths about gain weight.

1. Eat every three hours so you will not slow down your metabolism
If you feel hungry for several hours it does not mean that you are starving the body, because it would take three full days with minimal food intake. Also, if you want to maintain normal blood sugar levels you do not have to eat every few hours.

So if you feel hungry, pick up some energy bars or similar sweet pleasure, ant that does not mean that you will therefore gain weight.

2. Do not eat too late because you will gain weight
Eating food after 20 hours will not affect the accumulation of kilograms of the same meal if you ate earlier that evening. Studies have shown that much more important how many calories you have entered the body, not in time.

If with your crazy schedule you are unable to have so-called lunch-dinner drink before 20 hours, do not worry, it's important to choose only a normal meal.

3. Caffeine is bad for your health
Most of the statements that explain how caffeine is bad for your health are not true. Drinks that contain caffeine such as popular coffee will not dehydrate your body, they are not bad for your heart and do not cause a stroke.

In fact, caffeine has many useful properties for your body. It stimulates brain activity, and studies have shown that caffeine partially protects against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. But as in everything else, should be moderate.

4. Chicken meat is the healthiest meat
Another falsehood. The real piece of beef or pork meat can be as easy as a piece of skinless chicken breast, and also provided chicken or turkey meat can be just as fat and calories and juicy as thick beef steak. Pure red meat contains twice as much zinc, iron and vitamin B12 than turkey or chicken.

If you like a particular meal and enjoy the food you're not allowed to become a slave to calories and starvation. Be moderate in everything.
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