Biggest and smallest islands
Biggest and smallest islands
Greenland is the largest island in the world. Australia is considered a continent because it has unique plant and animal life. Antarctica also is a continent, larger than Europe and Australia. Although quite big, Greenland shares the habitat features of Northern America. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the smallest island in the world is Bishop Rock. It lies at the most south-westerly part of the United Kingdom. It is one of 1040 islands around Britain and only has a lighthouse on it. In 1861, the British government set out the parameters for classifying an island. It was decided that if it was inhabited, the size was immaterial. However, if it was uninhabited, it had to be “the summer’s pasturage of at least one sheep” which is about two acres. Going by the above parameters, most of the 179 584 islands around Finland and the almost 200 000 around Canada would not match Indonesia as the country with the most islands. In fact, Indonesia consists of 13 667 islands and 6000 of them are inhabited.
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